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As a successful business owner, you likely have already discovered that the profitability of your company rests in the details of managing your business. Your never-ending workday is consumed with responsibilities like preparing bid proposals, managing active job sites, dealing with client concerns, ordering materials and supplies, paying vendors and employees, preparing client reports, ensuring timely remittance of mandated tax forms and governmental reports, and the list goes on and on.
One of the most problematic areas for business owners is managing the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual remittances required by governmental oversight and tax agencies. Each remittance has its own set of reporting guidelines and sometimes multiple submission deadlines to meet. When a remittance is overlooked, not filed in a timely manner, or not filed accurately, these agencies often impose harsh penalties and interest regardless if it was an honest mistake or oversight. You may be the expert when it comes to constructing houses or highways, but dealing with the mandated tax, payroll, and governmental oversight reporting should not be left to an amateur. Regardless of whether you or a member of your staff makes a mistake, your company pays the price. Whether you are currently experiencing issues you need assistance with fixing or just want to avoid them all together, Truebooks is the expert you need to ensure all mandated filings are remitted to the appropriate agencies accurately and on-time.
At Truebooks, we have years of construction industry experience and are experts at preparing remittance reports such as: Goods and Services Tax (GST), Workers Compensation Board (WCB) reporting, Payroll Taxes, and the T5018, to name a few. We take your data, prepare the appropriate reports, and once reviewed, then signed or approved by you, submit them electronically or via mail as required by the agency with the appropriate payment – always accurate, always on time.
As a business owner, nobody knows better than you how important it is to pay attention to the details of your business. When one little detail is overlooked, it can create a snowball effect resulting in lost revenues, penalties, and fines; all are completely avoidable when you trust the experts at Truebooks to handle your remittance preparation. Don’t waste another minute! Paying attention to the little details of running your business increases your chance for success exponentially; therefore, you can’t afford not to email Truebooks at or call us today, (587) 784-2450 to set up your free consultation appointment.


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