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Wade F. (Replacement Experts Inc. — Alberta)

I own a concrete replacement business. It's a job-based business. We go from home to home focusing on providing exceptional customer experience.

I've ran multiple businesses at a time for the last 20 years and in my opinion one of the most important aspects of any business is good bookkeeping, maybe equally important as good business relationships. I've had many good long term business relationships but I've struggled to find a good consistent and knowledgeable bookkeeper.

With Rosemine & Hugo I get all of the above. They have worked with me for the last 18 months and to be honest I feel like I'm in heaven. Their core values on how to run a business are very comparable to mine. They're attentive to my needs, quick to reply when I have questions, and are very responsive to my needs.

Beyond all of those pluses they are also very systematized with new technologies which streamline their business but also saves me money.

A perfect fit and I highly recommend them to any business operator.

Todd K. (Evolved Management — BC)

I run a management consulting firm. I create management framework that contributes to bring higher margin projects/operations, savings in cash, reduce employee turnover and significant increase in team morale.

I came to realisation that I didn't have the time and attention required to properly manage my bookkeeping. I started making mistakes and needed a professional to keep a steady hand on my business finances.

I really appreciated the human approach that Truebooks brought to the table. The discovery process was organized and focused on my needs and Hugo was very pleasant to interact with. Truebooks was able to validate and correct a number of issues that I had creating in managing my books right away. Also, Truebooks added Hubdoc to my financial tool stack, which was a huge help to managing invoicing, bills, receipts and expenses.

I no longer worry about my bookkeeping and know that I have a trusted partner that ensures what needs to be done is getting done.

Eva T. (Business owner, professional service company — BC)

We manage few multiplex properties and I own a professional service company.

Hugo and his team took the time to understand my business first. He then set up the accounting platform to suit me and how I operate. I feel like the structure and tools he implements have set me up in the most efficient manner.

My problem was avoiding the bookkeeping and not making it a priority and then falling so behind it was overwhelming.

Truebooks caught up my bookkeeping for the last two year, very quickly and effectively. What a weight off my shoulders that was and what a relief!

Philippe T. (Canadian Artisan Foods — BC)

Our company is a leader in food sales, distribution and marketing in BC since 2009. We've helped local, small-batch and emerging food producers grow their sales in by providing sales, distribution and in-store demos in over 500 independents and well-known stores across the province.

I reached out to Truebooks because I was looking for a finance partner that could do more than just keep the books. Although they helped initially with our need to audit, evaluate and clean up issues in our books relating to supplier costs, I was really looking for a partner that could go beyond accurate bookkeeping to analysis and problem solving and that's what I have found in Truebooks.

As a small business owner, it's fantastic for me to have someone who can help pull data from different systems, calculate KPIs, do root cause analysis, recommend and set up new software solutions, and work well with staff, customers, suppliers and our accountant while being responsive and fun to work with.

They've already made a positive impact on our operational and financial performance and I look forward to working with Truebooks this year to achieve even more together.

I couldn't recommend them more highly. Hire them if you can!

Guy M. (G4G Holdings Inc. — BC)

I run a project-based Management Consulting company. I'm self operating but work with a group of other consultants in different combinations. For 10 years I managed the tracking of my billable time using an excel sheet, I managed my expenses in another spreadsheet, and the process was labour intensive and error prone. When I am busy on projects, like recently, I can't keep the excel sheets up to date as it should be… As a result of that, and procrastination, I had reached the point where I needed to prepare a tax return within about 10 days and did not believe it was possible. I also wanted a solution that would save me from this situation in the future.

I do not enjoy bookkeeping, and the process I had was rife with errors. I had no confidence in the numbers I was able to produce, and the entire process was so cumbersome that I found myself avoiding the task far too long.

Hugo and his team at Truebooks took the multiple sources of information that I had, and the extremely short timeline I had, and dedicated himself to getting a bookkeeping system set up that would capture an entire year and a half of transactions in a traceable and reportable system. He prepared the books and presented them to the accountant in a very thorough manner, which my accountant was very pleased to see.

I knew that the person had to understand small business and project-based consulting. Secondly, they had to be able to learn quickly because of the volume of information I had and the tight timeline I gave them. Most importantly, I needed to be able to have trust and a good rapport. I knew that the task is a frustrating one and the tight time frame meant that it would take a calm personality to stick to a tedious and detail-oriented task. In all these ways, Hugo and his team more than met my need.

I now have made an excellent start on having reliable bookkeeping that I can keep current. I am in the process, with the support of Truebooks, of implementing time tracking and electronic funds payments, and most importantly, I have a support system that truly understands my business and with whom I have an excellent rapport – a truly wonderful outcome from what only 2 weeks before looked like an insurmountable mess.

Sarah K. (Re/Max Select — Alberta)

I have been a realtor for several years in Edmonton and needed someone to assist me with my backend office and business processes.

Rosemine and her team at Truebooks collaborated with me to enhance the way my business data was collected to provide handy and accurate results. Throughout the process they were committed and showed skills that are second to none. They are really experts in their field with outstanding client experience. They keep on updating their services and researching what is best for my business to simplify my life and save me valuable time.

In depth knowledge and excellent results. I couldn't be happier. Would recommend!

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