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Every business owner benefits from understanding the financial health of their business; however, few know how to interpret the data provided in the financial reports generated by their accounting software. Consolidated data reported from the day-to-day activities provides insight into the company’s fiscal wellness. The data tells a story of what is working or not working within your organization if you know how to interpret the information provided. Truebooks Consulting and Advisor Service excels at analyzing financial statements to provide business owners the insights they need to make sound decisions for their company.
At the end of each period, financial statements are printed and filed as a historical record. Many business owners do not realize the value of the information contained in these reports; however, I can guarantee that lenders, vendors, and even your potential customers understand the value of these reports. These companies want to build relationships with fiscally healthy companies. They need assurance that your company is able to cover a loan payment or that you will pay for the product or service you order on time. Even your potential customers are interested in your company’s fiscal wellness, as they are unlikely to begin a long-term construction project with a company who is unable to sustain itself in the short-term. For these reasons, it is imperative that business owners have a solid understanding of how to interpret their financial statements.
Does your company need advice before pursuing your next project or business acquisition? Our experts are just a phone call away and available at a moment’s notice to assist you with any situation that may arise. Our consultants and advisers have the knowledge and experience required to analyze your Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, and Cash Flow Statement, to name a few. They can assist you with budget preparation, projecting future cash flow, and create a forecast of your company’s future growth based on current activity. This knowledge is valuable when your business is applying for loans to grow your business. In addition, having this knowledge allows you to make the best decisions for your business today; therefore, ensuring you will be around to serve your customers tomorrow.
If you require our expertise now or would like to know more about our consulting and advisor Services, please call us any time at (780) 952-0029 or email us at The experts at Truebooks are available when you need us.

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