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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Truebooks' Advisory Services are meant to strategize for the success and growth of our partners' businesses. We firmly believe that success starts by helping others.

“ 85% of Businesses working with a Xero Certified Advisor succeeded 5 years or longer. By contrast, about half of Canadian small businesses went out of operation within the same time frame ”

We primarily focus on developing close relationships and put in place efficient communication channels with each of our partners (you). We are always just one phone call, email or Zoom meeting away And we enjoy giving you insights. Being available and involved in the decision-making process with our partners is something we take pride in.

We offer constant comprehensive financial reporting and assistance to allow our partners to convert the data into direct actions. This occurs at the end of each period. Every business owner benefits from understanding the financial health of their business; however, we found out that only few know how to interpret the data provided in the financial reports. Consolidated data reported from the day-to-day activities provides insight into the business' fiscal wellness. Truebooks excels at analyzing financial statements to provide business owners the insights they need to make sound decisions for their business.

Perhaps you might have a special project on the way and require deeper analysis (cash flow forecasting, budgeting, collection, increase in enrollment, acquisition, loan application, etc). We can assist.

Nonetheless, we also stay on top of new technology, apps or software that could benefit our partners. Lots of IT developers have seen the potential of serving small businesses. Since recently, access to powerful softwares, AI (artificial intelligence technology) and complex system interaction was only available to corporations able to pay big dollars. Not anymore. Whatever the challenge you are facing, Truebooks will find the right apps that can assist your business and sync wonderfully with Xero so that we keep working in a smart and efficient way.

If you require our expertise now or would like to know more about our consulting and advisor services, book a FREE Consultation or call us any time at (587) 784-2450 or email us at The experts at Truebooks are available when you need us.

“ Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now ”
- Alan Lakein (expert economist)

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